About Us

Professional Line Building Maintenance L.L.C. was established in 2004 and has been in business since then. All major aspects of building maintenance spanning across electrical, plumbing, electromechanical, renovations, carpentry, woodworks etc. is handled by our skilled staff. Our outstanding team of technicians brings decades of accumulated knowledge and experience to their work. Each technician is carefully selected based on our core values, and goes through extensive training in addition to regular upgrades to ensure high quality of care. Our continued commitment to delivering impeccable service has positioned us as the best maintenance provider in Dubai, retaining and attracting customers from all walks of life.


As we journey through life, we take different roles. While most people know me as a CEO, first I am a proud daughter of a renowned artist and a mother of three adorable boys, whom I love unconditionally.

The major reason for establishing Proline was to provide state of art maintenance service in the UAE. This was expanded to include cleaning services based on my personal experience. When I found out that my boys have severe allergies, I had to be extremely cautious with the cleaning services and supplies I use in the house. I researched the most current, sustainable, and eco-friendly cleaning practices so that my family could live a healthy life. Having gained expertise in the field, I now want to ensure the well-being of other families by a conscious shift from usage of harmful chemicals and by providing a high standard cleaning service powered by environmentally-sound products. Benefits of my vast experience in the construction sector form the cornerstones of my company, which not only specializes and follows best cleaning practices, but also delivers top class quality maintenance.

My strong belief that anyone (male or female) can achieve success in any sphere is another source of inspiration for starting Proline. My father once taught me this lesson, and I am committed to passing it along.



Our Team

  • Proline Team

    Shyam Lala met Keya 20 years ago, and has been her business partner ever since. With more than 26 years of experience in Customer Service, Banking, Business Development as well as Entrepreneurship gained in the UAE and Canada, Lala has developed a mature and holistic approach to business. With Lala at the helm and his unwavering belief that a happy team and work environment is the key to delivering quality service forms the foundation of Proline success story.

  • Proline Team

    Gandhi’s technical background and vast knowledge spanning across more than 25 years of establishing automated plant machinery, equipment and maintenance thereof, makes him an integral part of Proline team. His leadership skills complemented by his soft spoken approach and work ethics is a vital ingredient to the smooth functioning of day to day matters.

  • Proline Team

    When it comes to managing properties and monitoring maintenance staff, Asim is the best touch point for assistance. His in-depth knowledge in Business Operations, Building Maintenance, and Project Management along with strong leadership and communication skills make him a perfect facility manager that Proline is proud to have.

Because We care


We care

We value our customers and take all necessary measures to provide quality, safe and comfortable services. Technicians at Proline are accompanied by women representatives for the comfort and convenience of lady clients.

Proline services are not limited to on-demand and reactive maintenance, but include preventative maintenance approach. Visiting a dentist regularly is better than having to treat tooth decay. The same goes for building maintenance: regular maintenance means fewer potential disruptions down the line. We believe in “service it before it breaks” as opposed to “service it until it fails”.

We monitor our environmental impacts and modify our actions accordingly. With Proline’s eco-friendly cleaning practices and go-green products, we lead the market with our sustainable long-term vision.